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Polyamide (PA) Hot Melt Adhesives

Polyamide (PA) hot melt adhesives are made from renewable raw materials such as castor or rape seed oil. Boast outstanding properties for bonds with higher requirements. In particular, they are characterized by very high heat stabilities and are just as reliable when used at low temperatures. Special PA hot melts are also capable of passing the temperature tests from -45°C to +135°C that are required in the electrical and electronic for automobile industry and are also resistant to many chemicals and softeners.

PA hot melt adhesives are normally used in areas with high bond requirements, including (among other applications) fixing technical components. Especially for low pressure injection molding in the electrical and automobile industries, as well as coating insulating materials.

SUI polyamide (PA) hot melt adhesives include granule, powder and film form that is easy suitable for various application processing.