Low Pressure Molding

Low Pressure Molding is a low pressure molding process with hotmelt adhesives. It can achieve superior sealing, better protection of electrical & electronic components with higher productivity.

Hightlighted Featherures

Low pressure molding encapsulates fragile and delicate components.

No damage to components.
No chemical reactive.
Simple and clean process.
Fast cycle times (8 – 50 seconds).
Flexible and miniaturized product design.

Low Pressure Molding for Automotive Electronics

Low Pressure Molding can be applied to various automotive electronic systems and devices, such as tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), PCBs for seat occupant sensors, belt lock sensors, ECUs for motorcycles, air quality sensors, antennas for RF devices, smart entry (E-Key) systems, etc.

Main Application Group of Low Pressure Molding Products

Electronic component encapsulation: It is the low pressure applied during the molding process that prevents damage to the sensitive electronic components and elements.

Connector potting: Hotmelts are used for sealing the plug and also for cable strain relief.

Grommet injection molded in place:  This eliminates the time-consuming process of slipping the grommet on, which can cause repetitive strain injury. The molding can also include strain relief, which also enhances its esthetics.

Product Rang for Low pressure molding

Amber Polyamide

Amber Polyamide Resin is thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives based on natural fatty acids. It show good adhesion to plastic like PA 6.6, ABS and PVC, low temperature flexibility, a wide service temperature range, and superior molding properties.

Black Polyamide

Black Polyamide Resin is also thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives based on natural fatty acids. The performance is the same with amber polyamide. So that in molding products, you have more and better options. 

Polyolefin Resin

Polyolefin is thermoplastic hot melt adhesives, which superior adhesion to PP, PE, PET. Low hardness, low temperature flexibility and wide service temperature range.

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