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Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfers are one of topical hot melt application. It is a type of embellishment widely used in the fashion industry. They are a great way to personalize apparel and accessories on demand.

United TPU adhesives powder are high end, combining an extreme elasticity with a soft touch leading to a transfer that will outlast the garment.

United PES & PA adhesives powder are equally in big demand for applications where high elasticity is not so much required and where wash resistance are prevails.

As the process required, we also provide paste adhesive for your choose. United acrylic and polyurethane liquid resin provide the base paste making in this application.



Shoes are exposed to all weather conditions and have to bear the most diverse range of stresses.

United is the solution for superior adhesion in the manufacture of shoes. Thermoplastic adhesive powder is utilized primarily for durable adhesion of toe-puffs, shoe lining materials and soles. Polyamide resin is also specially design for vamp adhesive. Hot melt adhesive film is also the good choose for seamless and other application.

Electrical & Electronics

Low Pressure Molding (LPM) with thermoplastic polyamide & polyolefin hot melt resin materials is a process typically hot melt application to encapsulate and environmentally protect electronic components (such as circuit boards). The purpose is to protect electronics against moisture, dust dirt and vibration.

We supply amber, black and white polyamide resin for your application.

Automotive & Filter

In the automotive industry today, interior trim and automotive textiles are usually glued. The use of thermoplastic hot-melts and thermoplastic adhesives in automotive engineering brings clear benefits: Bonding is quicker, saves on riveting, welding or screwing, is more straightforward, is kinder on metal and lowers the weight of the vehicle.

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