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Shanghai United Industry Co., Ltd (SUI) is a comprehensive enterprise integrating investment, trade and productions. In addition to raw material supply, the company is committed to provide environmentally friendly bonding solutions to industrial application. Our range covers customized products, services and solutions the full length of the value chain.

Adhesives Production

Shanghai United Industry invests in production of various products including thermoplastic polyurethane, polyamide, and polyolefin hot melt adhesives. We supply hot melt adhesives of granule, powder, film for our customer’s application. Our products are widely used in heat transfer printing, shoe materials, low pressure molding, filters, conveyor belts and automotive interiors.

Business & Cooperation

In the field of thermoplastic hot melt adhesives, Shanghai United Industry provides efficient customized solutions to customers in various industries. Relying on the specialized production of our factories, we have provided our thermoplastic hot melt adhesives products for diverse applications to customers all over the world.

Social Responsibility

Sustainability has always been the common code of Shanghai United Industry and our customers. Innovation and quality enable us to provide environmentally friendly, safe, economical and efficient products and services to our customers.

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