Thermoplastic Hot Melt Adhesives - Adhesion Solution

Shanghai United Industry Co., Ltd (SUI) is a comprehensive enterprise integrating investment, trade and productions specialize in thermoplastic hot melt adhesives. In addition to raw material supply, we provide thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives of polyamide, polyurethane, polyester and polyolefin. In adapted to the process, we supply various forms with granule, powder and film of the application. We committe to provide environmentally friendly adhesion  solutions to the industries such as garment, textile, shoe materials, electronic, electrical, automotive and so on. 

Fashion & Transfer Printing

Thermoplastic hot melt adhesives are widely used in textile lamination. Meanwhile, SUI supply special designed thermoplastic polyurethane, polyester and polyamide powder for heat transfer printing.

Shoe Industry

SUI is the solution for superior adhesion in the manufacture of shoes. Thermoplastic hot melt adhesives powder and film is ideally suited for bonding sensitive substrates.

Electrical & Electronics

Thermoplastic hot melt adhesives can use in low pressure molding. It can achieve superior sealing, better protection of electrical & electronic components with higher productivity.

Auto & Filter

Quicker bonding, with saves and higher strength, thermoplastic hot melt adhesives are popularly used in automotive and filter industries today.

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